Noisy Chick Peas Piri Piri Mango 45g

Noisy Chickpeas – Piri Piri Mango flavour, chickpeas wrapped in a crunchy shell with a tangy piri piri mango flavouring, SHAKE it to WAKE it!

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“The Noisy Experience on the Go! Pouch Packs “SHAKE it to WAKE it”

The Noisy 100% Recyclable Pouch Pack Range is designed to give the customer an easy on the go great tasting snack. To make sure the product delivers on strong bold flavours the Noisy Pouch Pack has 8% flavouring added rather than the industry-standard 4%, leaving access seasoning at the bottom of the Noisy pack.

To activate the extra flavouring we ask customers to “SHAKE it to WAKE it…”

This releases strong bold flavours in the pack and creates a fun memorable five-sense experience.”

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Weight 0.045 kg

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